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The First Question to Ask to Improve Non-dues Revenue

Create an exceptional customer experience

As association professionals, we're always looking for new ways to increase nondues revenue, often by learning what new programs are available. However, the focus should not solely be on adding new products or programs. If nondues revenue is decreasing, flat, or increasing too slowly, then it's important to address the underlying issue of why revenue from existing programs isn't what it should be. If you had a leaking bucket of water, your first question wouldn't be "How can I get more water into my bucket?" it would be, "Why is my bucket leaking?"

Many organizations put pressure on their sales team when they want to increase revenue, but sustainable revenue can't be created just by having a strong sales team. It also comes from engaging relevant prospects, offering relevant products and services, delivering positive results and experiences, and fostering customer loyalty and advocacy. It is crucial to ensure an exceptional customer journey from start to finish. If you only focus on the sale instead of the entire experience, revenue will continue to leak out of the bucket.

While we can easily recognize a great customer experience when we are on the receiving end, it is common to overestimate our own performance when delivering that experience. That makes it essential to identify the areas where the customer experience is cracked or broken and fix those problems. A positive customer experience has measurable benefits, such as increased customer retention, expansion, new customer acquisition, and employee engagement. If you're still not feeling excited about bucket inspection and repair, here are some statistics from the for-profit sector that demonstrate the impact of focusing on the customer experience.

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