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The Best Personal Safety Devices, Apps and Wearables

Here are some options to consider

From a young age, women learn that doing such normal activities as living alone, jogging, going on dates, leaving the house or not leaving the house, could put them in harm's way. We repeat mantras to ourselves and each other: Try not to go places alone. Don't leave drinks unattended. Check your car's back seats and lock your doors after getting in. 

To protect ourselves, WIRED staffers and friends I spoke to mentioned the same few methods, like walking with keys held between their fingers, carrying pepper spray on their keychains or talking on the phone with a friend until they felt safe.

It's not always a stranger lurking in the dark who poses the biggest threat; it's often the ones we love and live with who perpetrate the most harm. We can't make people be better, but as technology writers, the Gear team wondered whether there was something better, a way for all this tech we already carry with us—our phones, our smartwatches—to provide an assist.

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