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Dashboard Warning Lights Will Be Easier to Understand with Next iPhone Update

Visual Look Up will explain what those lights and symbols mean

Modern smartphones have the power to connect to satellites, reach people around the world and, finally, tell you what that unknown dashboard light means.

Okay, okay, we hear you. This is news? Cars have had actual paper manuals that should help any driver understand what this red or that orange warning light is all about. But not everyone wants to read a paper manual when a phone is at hand, and sometimes we just like pretending we're from the future.

Enter Apple's upcoming software update for the iPhone, called iOS 17, and its ability to identify dashboard lights using Visual Look Up. Visual Look Up does exactly what you would think it does: identify something in a picture or video and then search for information on that item. A Reddit user noticed an "auto symbol" category in the beta version of the software and shared three examples: hazard warning, windscreen defrost and ventilation airflow.

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