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Drive Affiliate Growth with Friendly Competition

Let them help you grow your organization

Last year, the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) was brainstorming ideas to not only grow its membership but also to recognize its affiliates and their work. AMCP had recently launched four new affiliates and wanted to put the newer groups on an equal footing with its long-established ones.

"We wanted to highlight the critical role our affiliates play as our boots-on-the-ground support for working with members," said Susan Noell, director, member engagement and affiliates, at AMCP.

In January, AMCP launched its affiliate growth challenge. Throughout 2023, AMCP affiliates will compete against one another to bring in new members. The winner, who will be recognized at AMCP's March 2024 affiliate officers meeting, will be the one with the largest growth percentage.

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