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Find Success With Service-Forward Marketing

Here's how to do so

The events industry has sprung back to life, but not without growing pains. Planners and destinations alike are in a rush to keep pace with surging demand, and unfortunately it seems the personal touch that so many people crave has fallen by the wayside.

"Post-COVID, I think a lot of people are so busy, whether they’re making up for lost time or picking up slack from staffing shortages. In general, the events industry has become very last-minute," said Anna Derry, director of sales with Experience Sioux Falls in South Dakota. "This has led to more of a transactional relationship between destinations and event professionals."

Because of this, Derry said, planners tend to focus only on destinations they’re already familiar with and might miss out on a less obvious choice that could be a winner for attendees. When destination marketing organizations (DMOs) are transactional, they run the risk of going through the motions with a one-size-fits-all bid that falls flat.

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