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U.S. Military's Space Command to Remain in Colorado

The previous administration wanted to relocate it to Alabama

On Monday, senior officials said President Joe Biden has decided against relocating the headquarters of U.S. Space Command to Alabama, upending a controversial decision by his predecessor as the Trump administration was coming to an end.

The organization, overseen by a four-star general, was to be moved from Peterson Air Force Base, outside of Colorado Springs, to Redstone Arsenal, an Army installation in Huntsville, Alabama. Biden decided that doing so would be too disruptive to military readiness, officials said, siding with Colorado lawmakers who have protested the plan for more than two years.

Critics had said that the Trump administration’s decision was rushed through as the former president left office and appeared intended to reward a deeply conservative state by moving an influential military headquarters out of one that leans Democratic. The command, and its estimated 1,400 jobs, is expected to yield nearly $1 billion in annual economic spending, officials in Colorado have said previously.

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