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How to Find Your Path as a Leader

Making your leadership style a function of who you are

As this year's ASAE Annual Meeting and Expo continues, there is likely a little bit of a trepidation among two groups of people in Atlanta. Established leaders may be concerned that they're doing enough to grow and develop in their role. For those aspiring to that role, the main question is: What can I do to get there?

Attendees can take some reassurance in the fact that, for the next couple of days, they're in the right place—Monday's slate of sessions alone covers career planning, DE&I, governance, AI, Gen Z and more. There's also some reassurance to be found in the fact that leaders of all sorts are wrestling with those issues.

And there are some common threads to the solutions. In his new book Leap to Leader, leadership and management expert Adam Bryant discusses the common challenges people on the higher rungs of the career ladder face, and how to address them. In an excerpt recently published by Harvard Business Review Press, he outlines matters of decisiveness, team management, setting expectations and more.

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