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Why Ohio Voters Said No to the Ballot Measure

Many said they felt the measure’s backers weren’t being honest about its purpose

A little after 2 p.m. on Tuesday, David Chrzanowski, 31, walked into Knox Presbyterian Church in Cincinnati, pushing his baby daughter in a stroller. He was there to vote on Issue 1, a measure meant to raise the vote threshold needed to approve a state constitutional amendment from a simple majority, as most states require, to 60 percent.

It was a change that Chrzanowski, an engineer who described his politics as center right, might have been open to considering, he said — if that were what it was really about.

"Everyone kind of knows," said Chrzanowski, who, along with 57 percent of Ohio voters on Tuesday, cast his ballot against Issue 1. "It seems underhanded. It doesn't seem like the way we should conduct our politics."

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