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Elon Musk Doesn’t Know What Made Twitter Good

Since taking over the channel, Musk has made mistake after mistake

Sixteen years ago, software developer Jeremy Vaught created the Twitter handle @music to curate news and share stories about, obviously, music. Tens of thousands of Tweets later, he'd built a following of more than 11 million. Then, last week, Twitter—now rebranded as X—took the handle off him. An email from X, which Vaught posted to the platform, offered him no explanation but told him he could choose one of three other handles: @music123, @musicmusic or @musiclover. All three were held by other users and so would presumably have to have been taken off them.

"It feels like this would be this forever thing where somebody's got their account taken and they were allowed to go take another one," Vaught said. "Where would we end up? That'd be crazy."

He has since been assigned @musicfan.

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