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Why Harassment Training is Important

Three reasons why this training is valuable

HR Question: Do I really need to provide harassment training? Isn’t having an anti-harassment policy sufficient?

HR Answer: While it’s definitely a great place to start, having an anti-harassment policy isn’t enough. It’s crucial to ensure that your entire team is on the same page when it comes to definitions, expectations, and consequences surrounding harassment in the workplace. Because harassment can look and feel differently depending on the situation and the context, you want to leave no room for misunderstandings or confusion – especially when trying to create a psychologically safe work environment.

Three Reasons Why You Need Harassment Training

1. It promotes and fosters a positive, inclusive, and diverse work environment. Harassment training helps to create a workplace culture that values respect, dignity, and inclusivity. It raises awareness about inappropriate behavior and ensures that employees have an understanding of the importance of treating their colleagues with respect. It eliminates confusion, helps educate and share perspectives that employees may not have experienced or had access to, and helps raise the value of all experiences in the workplace.

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