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Study Finds Toxic Workplaces Remain a Challenge

Wellness at the office still appears to be an issue

American workers not only want their employers to do more on behalf of their emotional well-being but also report high levels of workplace toxicity and harassment, according to a new survey.

The 2023 Work in America Survey, conducted by the American Psychological Association (APA) and released last month, found that nearly a fifth of U.S. workers (19 percent) describe their workplace as "very or somewhat toxic." A similar percentage (22 percent) said they experienced workplace harassment, a leap from 14 percent in APA's 2022 survey. (Those percentages are larger among women and marginalized groups.)

Dennis Stolle, JD, Ph.D., APA's senior director of applied psychology, attributes that uptick in part to more employees returning to the office in the past year. "There were fewer opportunities for people to be having face-to-face interactions that they would consider to be abusive or problematic, because so many people were still in that transition phase of returning to work," he said. "Now, we're a bit more back to normal."

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