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Extreme Heat Is Here to Stay

How humanity can prepare for a very hot future

Summer isn't even over in the northern hemisphere, but it's already been a brutal few months. This year's summer heat waves have been more frequent, intense and longer than any before we've seen. We've suffered through extreme weather events caused by the heat waves. We've seen wildfires that have been made more intense by climate change. We've had failures in infrastructure, industry and the food supply. And these problems are only getting worse. We're looking at a future where extreme heat is just the new normal.

This week, we bring WIRED senior science writer Matt Simon on to the show to talk about where all the heat is coming from and what it’s doing to the environment.

We also talk about how quickly the problem of excessive heat is accelerating and what—if anything—humans can do to slow it down, or at least lessen the damage it causes.

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