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AI-adoption Reality Check - by the Numbers

C-suite execs are all-in on generative AI

In the last six months, artificial intelligence (AI) has gone from being a talking point and toolkit of tech-focused employees and businesses, to a mainstream work instrument and a business priority for a large number of organizations.

But like many hyped-up topics, after the initial frenzy of interest, enthusiasm can taper. AI has been subject to its own hype cycles for decades. Experts have a term for the periods that follow a burst of excitement around the tech’s potential: AI winters.

“AI generally, has been on the minds of people in tech for the last 30 years and there’s been a whole bunch of false starts,” said Nick Seeber, Deloitte's internet regulation global lead. He described these so-called AI winters as times when people thought a tech breakthrough would move the needle forward on the business world. It never did.

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