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Robocalls Are Out, Robotexts Are In

What to know about the growing phone scam

Robocalls? They're so 2010s.

As bothersome automated telemarketing calls decrease across the country, robotexts are the new enemy No. 1 in the phone scam category. But they're so difficult to track that it's tough to know how many are pinging mobile phones, and who's sending them.

"Definitely the trend seems to be an increase in the texts," New York University associate professor of computer science and engineering Damon McCoy said. "Most phones these days have a feature to suppress unknown numbers when they call you. Texts are a little bit more persistent."

Robocalls have sharply decreased. Why?

According to the National Do Not Call Registry, about 56,000 fewer robocalls were made in June 2023 than in June 2022.

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