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Five Strategies to Highlight Your Association's Value

Demonstrate value to members and grow your organization

During a time when content and networking have been commoditized, these five trends can help associations demonstrate value to members and grow the organization.

As a marketer, the association world is confounding. While individuals and for-profit organizations work to build an audience via compelling content and products, many associations have been sitting in the proverbial catbird seat with a built-in audience and affinity.

Unfortunately, many of the same individuals and organizations vying for eyeballs and attention have stolen the thunder from associations by becoming a resource for similar intellectual capital, connections, and solutions. And even more interesting is that in some cases associations helped them do it by affording them channels of promotion in exchange for sponsorship dollars.

That state of complexity and quandary is magnified by changing demographics and interests, competition for mindshare, and a host of technological and societal shifts that are forging an existential crisis for them. However, through our work, we’ve found that associations can utilize many of those same forces to regain momentum and membership if embraced and marketed well. Here’s a look at five of them.

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