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Tornadoes Tear Across I-96, Killing at Least Five in Michigan

Areas southeast of Lansing were hardest hit

At least two destructive tornadoes tore through Michigan on Thursday night, part of a complex of damaging thunderstorms that claimed at least five lives and knocked out power to over 1.1 million customers across the Great Lakes and northern Appalachians. The tornado, which developed with little warning and crossed Interstate 96 to the southeast of Lansing, flipped cars and flung tractor-trailers into guardrails.

One person died and three others were seriously injured along I-96, said Rob Dale of Ingham County Emergency Management in an email. The most serious damage occurred near the expressway, in a stretch between the city of Williamston and village of Webberville, about 15 and 20 miles east-southeast of Lansing, respectively.

A second person died in Lansing, Dale said, when a tree fell onto a home.

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