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Why Climate Change Should Matter for Every Leader

Those not considering it might have a blind spot

These days, leaders are feeling better about things—but they might have a blind spot.

A pulse survey of more than 600 U.S. business executives released last week by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) revealed plenty of optimism. The percentage of respondents who say they are concerned about recession has plummeted since last year, from 35 to 17 percent. They say they're more interested in making investments around innovation, and more confident they have the kind of culture that stokes new ideas. And for all the disruption around quiet quitting, the great resignation and hybrid work, 74 percent of respondents say "they can attract and retain the talent they need."

The blind spot, though, is climate change. The PwC survey suggests leaders may be underestimating the challenge it presents: Half of the respondents say they see it as a risk, but less than a fifth (19 percent) say it's a serious one, and less than a quarter of them (23 percent) are planning around its disruptions.

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