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White House Calls on Congress to Pass a Short-term Continuing Resolution

It would ensure the continuation of government operations beyond Sept. 30

The White House has called on Congress to pass a short-term funding measure (continuing resolution [CR]) to ensure the continuation of government operations beyond Sept. 30, 2023. Congress returns from August recess on Sept. 5 (Senate) and 12 (House), leaving very few legislative days before the end of the current fiscal year.

Disagreement between the Republican-led House and the Democratic-majority Senate over annual spending bills and proposed cuts to various programs poses a risk of a shutdown when the new budget year starts Oct. 1. Despite their differences, both sides have communicated a desire to prevent a shutdown.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre avoided addressing shutdown preparations directly, suggesting Congress should shoulder the responsibility of avoiding a shutdown. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has also expressed said that a CR could be necessary, emphasizing that a shutdown would have negative implications.

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