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Four Low-cost Nondues Revenue Opportunities

These are also high-impact

Associations that are small but mighty are often faced with different challenges when it comes to nondues revenue sources. New initiatives often need to be cost-effective with no additional burden on staff, plus aligned with the association’s mission. But how do you know which opportunities to test with limited time and resources? ASAE’s Marketing Professionals Advisory Council’s Subcommittee on Revenue and ROI identified a few proven strategies to boost your nondues revenue.

Smart Strategy

When Alan De Young became executive director of the Wisconsin EMS Association (WEMSA), he immediately made some changes to increase revenue. The organization owned their building, but with only three staff members, he was able to reduce his office space.

As a result, he sold excess furniture and transformed the other offices into private office suites to rent out. In addition, the building has plenty of parking, so he rents out the surplus parking spots to local residents. This has provided an additional annual revenue stream for the organization.

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