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What Associations Can Gain by Closing the Digital Advertising Knowledge Gap

It is crucial for association staff to bridge this gap

In today's digital age, associations of all sizes are leveraging various marketing tools to promote their events, recruit and retain members and generally engage their target audience. However, recent survey results revealed that many small- to mid-sized associations are missing out on untapped opportunities by relying solely on traditional platforms like Facebook, Google and LinkedIn. These associations can boost their marketing success by venturing beyond their comfort zone and exploring the power of digital advertising on fresh platforms, which will allow them to expand their offerings and enhance their reach.

Invest in Training and Skill Building

The survey, conducted by ASAE’s Communication Professionals Advisory Council, shed light on a significant knowledge gap among association professionals when it comes to using digital advertising methods. As organic reach continues to decline, it is crucial for association staff to bridge this gap and acquire the necessary skills to connect with their members and prospects.

According to the survey, 82 percent of associations use digital advertising. While that is a significant amount, that still means that nearly two in 10 are not putting one of today’s best marketing tactics into practice. Additionally, 20 percent of those using digital advertising say they are either unsure if it’s effective or unable to measure results.

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