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Impeachment Experts Say Biden Inquiry May Be Weakest in U.S. History

They say this impeachment is very disturbing for historians

Speaker Kevin McCarthy took the rare step on Tuesday of announcing the launch of an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden over his son Hunter’s foreign business dealings.

The House has voted to impeach just three Presidents: Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump, who was impeached twice. But even the launch of an impeachment inquiry against a President has only happened a handful of times. Two impeachment experts tell TIME that there is less evidence implicating Biden of wrongdoing than in any of those previous inquiries.

"This is very disturbing for people who study past impeachments, because impeachment is really a very extreme measure,” said constitutional scholar Philip Bobbitt, a professor at Columbia Law School and expert on the history of impeachment who co-authored an updated edition of Charles Black’s classic legal text, Impeachment: A Handbook, in 2018. "I honestly don't know that there is any evidence tying the president to corrupt activities when he was vice president or now." 

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