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Ensure Your Staff Feels Heard

In 2023, you can't disregard anyone or their opinions

Employees who feel disregarded by their organization are more likely to get frustrated, feel burnt out and quit. Forbes listed being unheard by supervisors and feeling “overlooked or ignored” as two of the top ten reasons employees leave their jobs. This can devastate employee retention rates, increasing hiring costs and making it challenging for employers to keep talented workers.

Conversely, a study by workforce management organization Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG) found that organizations are more likely to perform well financially when employees feel heard and engaged and have a sense of belonging.

Although employers thought 2021 was the year of the Great Resignation, the trend continued into 2022 and may impact 2023 as well. As the talent market continues to evolve, employers that invest in creating a culture of openness will stand out. There are several strategies employers can deploy to make workers feel seen and heard, improve culture, and ultimately boost retention and attraction rates, increasing employee engagement and positively contributing to organizational culture.

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