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The 18 Best Portable Chargers for All of Your Devices

It's 2023 and outlets are not the way to go

Fact: Portable devices possess a Murphy's law–like ability to run out of power at the least convenient moment: as you step on the bus, right in the middle of an important meeting or just as you get comfortable on the couch and press Play. But if you keep a battery-powered portable charger handy, all those situations are in the past.

There are hundreds of portable battery packs, and picking one can be confusing. To help, we've spent years working our way through all of them. This obsession started when I (Scott) lived off-grid in a vintage RV, powered primarily by solar panels. But even if you're not living in an off-grid solar setup, good power banks will come in handy. These are our favorites. Be sure to check out our Best MagSafe Power Banks guide for Apple-specific portable chargers, and our Best Portable Power Stations guide if you need more power.

Updated September 2023: We added power banks from Anker, Jackery, Ugreen, Monoprice and Baseus; removed discontinued products and updated specs and prices.

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