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How to Ensure Important Emails Don’t End Up in Spam

Don't miss important emails from important people because of your junk filter

The fight against spam never seems to end. Spammers constantly change their tactics to get noticed, and email services and their users constantly try to stem the incoming deluge.

Spam filters help, but manual ones can catch false positives, and automatic filters don't always get it right. That means you can end up with junk in your inbox—or perhaps even worse, miss something from someone important because it's been identified as spam.

It is important to regularly check the contents of your spam folder and to establish a list of safe senders. So, for example, you might put your kid's school on there, or your key contacts from work or your significant other. Email sent from these addresses will never be canned; thus, you don't have to worry that something has slipped past you. These lists can be configured in just about every email app, and they are easy to set up. Here's how.

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