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OpenAI’s Dall-E 3 Is an Art Generator Powered by ChatGPT

You now can modify artwork by simply talking to a chatbot

OpenAI has announced Dall-E 3, its latest AI art tool. It uses OpenAI’s smash-hit chatbot, ChatGPT, to help create more complex and carefully composed works of art by automatically expanding on a prompt in a way that gives the generator more detailed and coherent instruction.

What's new with Dall-E 3 is how it removes some of the complexity required with refining the text that is fed to the program—what's known as "prompt engineering"—and how it allows users to make refinements through ChatGPT's conversational interface.

The new tool could help lower the bar for generating sophisticated AI artwork, and it could help OpenAI stay ahead of the competition thanks to the superior abilities of its chatbot.

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