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Why Is It So Hard To Leave a Bad Job

Five common reasons it’s hard to leave and strategies for moving on

Have you ever been in a bad employment situation but couldn't bring yourself to leave? Nearly every client tells me about trauma they experienced at work, whether it’s an unsupportive or deliberately cruel manager, a company implementing policies that are unfavorable to employees, continuous layoffs creating stress and anxiety, or politics that left them feeling devalued.

Yet they stayed, some for years, even though they knew their work environment wasn't healthy. Here are five reasons it's hard to leave a bad job — and what to do about them.

Working at a company for a long time can create a sense of loyalty to the organization and team members. My client, Beatrice (not her real name), worked for a law firm for more than 15 years and expected to be made a shareholder. But she learned she was rejected from partnership.

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