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The Reason You are Clashing with Your Coworkers

Here's how to fix it

Have you ever wondered why your coworkers respond differently to the same situation?

Here's an example: There's a mandatory meeting every Monday at 10 a.m.; sometimes, the boss comes, sometimes, she doesn't. Some people attend, some people skip. When you ask why they go or don't go, you get four answers.

  • "The meeting is mandatory. Of course, I go."
  • "I go to the meeting if there's some information I need, but usually it's a waste of my time, so I skip it."
  • "I go to the meeting when the boss is around. When she's out of town, I don't bother."
  • "I hate seeing a standing meeting show up on my calendar. I never go unless I have something specific I want."

No matter what category you fit in yourself, you may be baffled by your coworkers' behavior. When you understand the "Four Tendencies" personality framework, their decisions make sense.

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