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Five Steps to Kickstart Deeper Social Media Engagement with Association Members

Here are tips for boosting engagement and connection

For too many associations, member engagement is on the decline. New members are harder to attract, renewals are declining and, in many cases, overall participation is stagnant or worse.

Could it be that we’re just living in a noisier world, and members are harder to reach? Perhaps. According to Naylor's 2023 Association Benchmarking Report, nearly half of associations (48 percent) cite "combating information overload/cutting through the clutter" as their top communication challenge. Or maybe associations are losing the battle for their members' attention because they need more tools in their arsenal.

According to the same study, more than nine in 10 associations (92 percent) rank traditional conferences as their top engagement tool. Event attendance levels, however, depend on business travel. And with corporate budgets being slashed and business travel down, relying on face-to-face events as the primary driver of member engagement is a precarious strategy at best. Even when business travel does fully recover, it is still forecast to be smaller than it was prior to the pandemic, according to Deloitte's 2023 Corporate Travel Study.

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