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How to Set Post-pandemic Goals to Revive Employee Energy

Adrenaline-fueled productivity, spawned by COVID-19, is now lagging

A recent conversation with a high-profile executive demonstrated a trend we've seen since the COVID-19 pandemic: For some companies, organizational culture was actually better during the pandemic.

Sounds counterintuitive, but a closer look reveals why it's not. This executive told me that when the pandemic first hit, his company was overwhelmed with orders. They'd never worked so hard and had never been so exhausted. But they were all focused around a single goal. They had a mandate to survive, bringing out the best in employees, even though it threatened to burn them out. "You should never let a crisis go to waste," he said.

Now, amid an uneven economy and stubborn unresolved supply chain issues, that same executive says the culture is utterly different. His teams are exhausted–but for a different reason.

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