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The Forgotten Face Of Executive Burnout

Too often, the stress they bear goes unacknowledged

Business leaders are focused on building resiliency into their workforce, equipping associates with the mindsets and skill-sets to navigate continuous change and building a high-trust environment where creativity flourishes and an organization achieves consistent, predictable results.

There isn't an option to focus on results only beyond perhaps a short-term burst; not if the organization wants to achieve results now and in the future. CEOs and other top leaders must also lead culture and skill-building initiatives and behave in ways that energize (or reenergize, as the case may be) their teams.

It's critical work in a world where the results need to be obtained, but at the same time, none of us want to lead a burned-out team or organization. Yet, one thing is often overlooked: the leaders themselves. Not even AI can replace human leadership. And the fact remains that leaders are also humans and their most critical "tool" is themselves.

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