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How To Attract and Hire Gen Z Employees in the Events Industry

What Gen Z wants: the million-dollar question

These five words strung together have become today’s million-dollar question in more ways than one as the rest of the world tries to better understand the rising generation—one that will make up 30% of the global workforce by 2030.

The question is increasingly being asked in the MICE industry and beyond as today’s professionals start to grapple with the reality that is becoming Gen Z in the workforce. More and more often, we are finding ourselves asking questions like, “What does Gen Z want in a job?” and “What does Gen Z want from older generations and employers?”

Does Gen Z even know want they want for themselves?

As an older member of the generation—and one who talks and reads (and writes!) about topics like these relatively often—even I don’t know the answers to today’s most pressing questions about young people. And I think it’s also important to point out the fact that there is no one correct answer to any of them.

There are literally millions—68.6 million, to be exact—and every unique Gen Zer is going to have a different answer depending on what they value most.

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