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Gaetz Moves to Oust McCarthy for Working With Democrats

Gaetz and his peers are opposed to bipartisanship

Speaker Kevin McCarthy's leadership position is in peril after his most outspoken Republican critic, Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida, said on Sunday he would follow through on threats to try to remove Mr. McCarthy from the job.

Gaetz's announcement came a day after Mr. McCarthy, in a stunning reversal, turned to Democrats to help him steer a 45-day stopgap spending bill through the House. The backlash was almost immediate, as Republican hard-liners left the Capitol on Saturday complaining that McCarthy had sold them out by working with Democrats. They questioned whether he deserved to keep his job.

"I think we need to rip off the Band-Aid," Gaetz said during an interview on CNN's "State of the Union" on Sunday, promising in the next few days to bring up a measure called a "motion to vacate." The move prompts a snap vote on whether to keep the speaker in his post. "I think we need to move on with new leadership that can be trustworthy."

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