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The Art of Giving Versus Taking Credit: A Primer

Generally, it’s best to give credit to others

The issue of giving versus taking credit for accomplishments is a tricky one for many leaders and organizations. Many of us have worked with people who take credit for others’ work—or who deflect blame when something goes wrong.

Many of us have had our ideas stolen by a colleague or even a boss. We may have worked with glory hounds, attention seekers, or narcissists addicted to the limelight. Or people who spend more time angling for a promotion or seeking credit than actually doing the work. Not fun.

But those are fairly straightforward cases. It turns out that, in many cases, giving and taking credit isn’t as simple as one might think. Often, it’s difficult to ascertain who deserves credit, since there are so many collaborations and interdependencies. Even when someone takes the lead on a big project or drives it, there’s still the issue of others working behind the scenes on scheduling, administration, blocking and tackling, and other forms of support—including taking up the slack on other projects to free that person up.

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