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The Communications Clash of Askers and Guessers

Understand the differences between the two types

Your coworker got a new apartment, and she’s spent all month telling everyone in the office how excited she is to move in. Then, on Friday afternoon, she corners you by the espresso machine to ask a favor: Can you help me move this weekend?

Wait. What? The forecast calls for rain, you have plans and, to be completely honest, it’s not like you’re best friends. Has your work friend crossed a line and asked you a completely inappropriate question? Your reaction to this situation depends entirely on whether you’re an Asker or a Guesser.

The concept of Askers and Guessers has floated around the internet for years. Interestingly, its origins are not from a psychology textbook, but from a 2007 message board comment by a user named Andrea Donderi.

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