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Working Smarter With Zero Internal Emails

The results can be profound, one organization found

Could your association’s staff communicate effectively if you eliminated all internal emails?

According to an analysis by McKinsey Global Institute, employees spend 28 percent of their work hours on email, and email remains by far the most distracting aspect of work. The research also notes that employees check email about 11 times per hour, and the vast majority read their incoming emails within minutes, or even seconds, of it arriving in their inbox.

The Association of Technology Leaders in Independent Schools (ATLIS) embarked on a journey more than a year ago to become a more efficient team. Our small-staff association was growing fast, putting a lot of pressure on ATLIS’ team to keep up with all the tasks and projects at hand. Something drastic had to be done to not only provide relief to the team but also to set up efficient workflows ahead of the staff growth we’re anticipating.

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