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How the AI Landscape Has Shifted Over the Past Year

Understand where it could go next

Governments made a "lack of concrete progress" toward regulating artificial intelligence this year even as the question of the technology's safety rocketed up the global agenda, according to the 2023 "State of AI" report, which was published Thursday.

The field of AI safety "shed its status as the unloved cousin of the AI research world and took center-stage [in 2023] for the first time," the report said. But amid a lack of global consensus on the way forward for regulation, the developers of cutting-edge AI systems were "making a push to shape norms" by proposing their own regulatory models.

While last year it seemed that open-source efforts were taking the lead in AI, Big Tech reasserted its hold over the sector in 2023, the report said. This year, amid an ongoing shortage of powerful computer chips, the largest tech companies gained leverage both from their existing computing infrastructure and their large capital reserves, as the cash required to train large AI models continues to escalate.

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