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Decoding the 'Lazy Girl' Job Trend

What this means for businesses

“There’s nothing lazy about expecting a job that pays you well, gives you good work-life balance and doesn’t overwork you.”

This TikTok quote on so-called “lazy girl” jobs sums up the social media trend for me. Let’s be clear on a couple of things — these aren’t jobs for “lazy girls”. They’re for people who want a reasonable level of work-life balance. The popularity of these jobs is not the result of increased flexibility and four-day weeks (both of which have proven to increase productivity), it’s the absence of these benefits that have caused it. It’s not anti-work, it’s anti-burnout — a workplace phenomenon that is often reported as affecting women more than men.

The term “lazy girl job” was coined by TikTok influencer Gabrielle Judge. In her many interviews, she’s made it clear that she created the phrase as a way to shine a light on toxic workplace culture, and to encourage people not to define themselves by their jobs. It’s important to note that the term was intentionally divisive: “I did call it ‘lazy girl job’ as a marketing tactic. I knew it was going to be a polarizing statement, so it was definitely intentional," Gabrielle says in this interview. And it’s worked! 

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