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Making the Most of a Setback

Not every idea you create will flourish

Not every idea you come up with will take off.

That is easy enough advice to give—associations are constantly told to fail fast, even if failures can be hard to stomach. Smart associations, though, not only don't mind the occasional misfire, but they'll also come away from it with a few lessons learned and some ideas about what do next.

Case in point: In June, the Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA) launched what it called a Symposium Replay, an online re-presentation of sessions from its annual conference earlier in the month. People who signed up for Symposium Replay gained access to presentations, product showcases and networking opportunities. SIMA looked at it as a value-add for those who attended in person, and good promotion for those on the fence about attending next year, said COO Brian K. Birch, OSAP member.

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