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The COVID-19 Pandemic Changed Us in Many Ways

Here are just a few

How has the pandemic changed your life? That’s the question we asked readers of Post Pandemic, a series of Opinions essays that ran over the course of the summer and saw contributors writing on topics including dating, dancing, drinking, hugging, introversion vs. extroversion and living with the effects of long COVID.

And know what? Wow, our readers can write.

You shared anecdotes of survival and solitude, human nature and the natural world. You wrote about hot-pink masks, puppy importation, the smell of children’s sweat and onions. (I can’t stop thinking about the onions.) You described the benefits and frustrations of Zoom-based school and work, and the harrowing development of mysterious, debilitating symptoms tied to covid-19 or the coronavirus vaccines. You wrote of feeling left behind — and of finding reasons to hope. Here, we share a selection of your responses.

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