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Seeing (and Seizing) the Future

Tweaking your leadership superpower

A frequent dinner-time question when my children were young was, “If you could have one superpower, what would it be?” (followed by, “Do I really have to eat my vegetables?”) After a thoughtful exploration of super-human strength, telekinesis, invisibility, telepathy, shapeshifting and X-ray vision, I always settled on "seeing the future."

Taking action today to ease you and others into a more positive tomorrow strikes me as the most valuable superpower for mortals and leaders. For instance, what might you have done differently if you'd read the tea leaves and anticipated the Great Resignation? Or if you'd looked in your crystal ball to see waves of employees quietly quitting throughout the workplace? Imagine the proactive steps you could have taken to mitigate those stressful and challenging times.

Fortunately for leaders, being able to see the future isn’t limited to Marvel characters or the imagination. Countless studies and analyses of 2024 workplace conditions offer enough context to invoke this superpower immediately.

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