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How to Communicate Your Value at Work Without Bragging

Don't be fearful to self-promote

You know you’re good — you deserve recognition, increased responsibility and a promotion to the next level. But does anyone else know? Many employees are passed by or completely overlooked simply because senior management doesn’t know how valuable they are — or because senior management doesn’t know these employees are looking for more responsibility. To make the most of your talents, you must know your worth and be comfortable in authentic self-promotion to communicate it to others — particularly if a promotion or recognition is what you need to feel valued.

“Take responsibility for your own career. Don’t assume that others are aware of the good work you’re doing. When I was a young accountant, I was unhappy about not getting a promotion. I went to my supervisor and told him all of these things that I thought I should be given credit for, and he said, “Well, gee, I didn’t know that you had done all of these things.” It was a real wake-up call. You don’t have to be a bragger, but I think it’s very important that we make people aware of our accomplishments…” Sharon Allen, Former Chairman of the board, Deloitte & Touche USA 

Knowing your worth can be surprisingly tricky. You are the primary expert on your talents and experience, but without outlining your achievements through self-promotion, it’s easy to lose sight of all you’ve accomplished. Below, I’ve outlined a process for documenting and portraying your successes to create a perception that accurately reflects your impact on the organization. To effectively track your success and effect, follow the tips listed below. 

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