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Strategies for Overcoming Member Disengagement

There are ways to reverse the decline and disengagement

During the pandemic, Sarah Sladek, XYZ University's CEO and founder, began researching her new book. Many of the association professionals she spoke with shared concerns about the sudden member disengagement and decline they were seeing in their organizations.

"Though the pandemic forced us to have these conversations, there's been a call for change in the way associations think about membership long before 2020," Sladek said. "Data indicates that associations aren’t on the right path and haven't been for quite some time in terms of membership disengagement and decline."

Based on Sladek's experience examining association membership strategies and her firm’s research into these areas, MemberShift: Why Members Leave and the Strategies Proven to Bring Them Back makes the case that associations have been misguided by borrowing best practices from business models and relying on traditions of the past—and presents ways to reverse the disengagement and decline.

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