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Be Careful Not to be a 'Micromanaging Snoopervisor'

Micromanagement depends heavily on whether we’re giving or receiving it

During a workshop designed to identify Moose-on-the-Table issues, Jon was surprised by the very clear and strong feedback from his organization that his management group weren't acting as a team. They contradicted each other, waged petty turf battles and reinforced departmental silos.

Jon's response was like threatening to cut off an infected arm rather than then diagnosing and treating the cause of the infection. At their next management meeting, he "read them the riot act." In a variation on the age-old bully boss tradition of firings-will-continue-until-morale-improves, he warned them, "If you don’t behave as a team, I’ll replace you with managers who will."

A deeper assessment of Jon's leadership behavior and team culture showed some of these common "moose problems."

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