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Defining Leadership and Power

Ohio leaders’ examples and actions speak louder than words

Leadership and power, like fame, are often fleeting. Today's business or organizational hero can easily morph into tomorrow's loser, their business decisions once lauded, quickly turning into classic mistakes. It takes a rare person, indeed, to attain leadership and power, let alone maintain it for any amount of time. Often, it's a matter of leading by example, and wielding power only when necessary.

Defining leadership is more subjective than objective. Yet, for the latter, we can usually agree that success is a defining character of leadership.

"We, as a region, are building a sustainable, vibrant economy for generations to come, and the core of my leadership style strives to work collaboratively toward continually advancing our region's economy," said Kimm Lauterbach, president and CEO of REDI Cincinnati. "Making the Cincinnati region a global leader and the number-one place for businesses to expand or relocate requires a collective direction that includes diverse people, thoughts and opinions. Our regional leaders' shared responsibility is to ensure that occurs."

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