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How to Decode the Silent Language of Leaders

Nonverbal skills like body language can be powerful assets

The words you say as a leader are actually a pretty small part of the story. Words form only about 20 percent of the information people get from you, and some research shows it's as little as 7 percent. The rest is a combination of factors —some of the most important being body language, tone, authenticity and actions.

Nonverbal skills like body language can be a powerful asset when you want to build loyalty, maximize retention and create a workforce that feels empowered to make thoughtful contributions. I've experienced firsthand how body language can up your game during both public appearances and private company presentations, creating an impression that sticks and helps you achieve the buy-in you are seeking.

Through my work as a body language expert for more than three decades, I've found the key to mastering the silent language of a great leader combines strong nonverbal communication skills with the ability to communicate with your whole self. I call it the TAP method: being Truthful, Authentic and Present. TAP and effective body language are skills you can learn, even if you're not naturally a Rosalind Brewer, former CEO of Walgreens, or Mark Cuban, the multitasking entrepreneur.

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