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The Cities of Tomorrow

A new report shows which cities will rise in the global economy

Cities remain the key engines of the global economy even as new digital technologies have given people unprecedented choice in where we live and work. The world's 300 largest cities or metro areas account for more than half of global economic output, while being home to just 20 percent of the world's population.

When it comes to innovation the pattern is even more startling: Just 24 global cities account for three-quarters of global venture capital investment while housing just four percent of the world's population; and just the top six alone attract more than half of all global venture capital investment, despite housing just one percent of the world's people.

But by giving people more choice, the pandemic is upending the competition among global cities for investment, jobs and talent. A new analysis enables us to better gauge the winners and losers of this competition and to assess which cities are best able to adapt to rapid change in the global economy and which are more challenged by it.

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