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Of Course, AI is Coming for PowerPoint Now

Tome says this is a great way to make AI more useful

After amassing 10 million sign-ups for its AI presentation tool in just nine months, Tome is releasing new features aimed at getting those users to stick around.

Tome can turn text prompts into multi-page slideshows, and it credits TikTok chatter as a big part of its quick takeoff. The new version supports lengthier text prompts while giving users more control over each slide’s content and formatting. Future updates will let users import images and third-party data sources into their presentations.

Keith Peiris, Tome’s CEO and cofounder, says the update reflects how generative AI can become more than just a novelty. While Tome went viral on the promise of generating entire slideshows with just a sentence of text, the new version tries to bring humans back into the loop.

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