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The DOD is Arming Small Businesses in the War Against Cybercrime

Protecting businesses has become a national security issue

As small businesses face increasing cybersecurity threats with limited resources, the government is stepping in to help equip entrepreneurs with the right defensive tools.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) kicked off its cybersecurity summit last Wednesday with a suite of cybersecurity-focused programming to help small-business owners better navigate a burgeoning threat landscape. Between phishing attacks to getting hit with ransomware demands, hacks are on the rise: Almost half of small businesses fell victim to a cyberattack this year, a new survey from Sage, a payroll software platform, shows.

And yet there's been a continuing disconnect between small businesses and cybersecurity resources. Forty-six percent of businesses don't know where to turn to improve their cybersecurity best practices, according to Verizon's State of Small Business Survey that was released in mid-October.

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