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How to Extend Your IT with Consistency and Control

Modernize distributed environments with an expert partner

This blog post was co-authored by  and Alexis Debreu

Every new cloud capability brings both possibility and complexity. Many organizations looking to modernize their distributed environments can now find the task simplified by Orange Business Microsoft Azure Stack HCI powered by Dell Technologies, a hybrid cloud solution that allows businesses to extend Azure services and capabilities to the environment of their choice—from the data center to the edge to the cloud.

Cloud Promises and Cloud Challenges

The cloud opened the door for organizations to build groundbreaking new business models and solutions. However, the public cloud does have its limits, particularly when it comes to systems performance and design options. Most businesses adopted a hybrid cloud to address these issues while modernizing their on-premises legacy IT infrastructures to better respond to evolving demands.

For many, the next step after connecting their primary data center was to explore the possibility of enabling the whole organization with these new capabilities. By directly connecting remote factories, retail shops and branch offices to this technology, businesses could avoid clogging the communication pipelines with primary data center traffic or incurring the high cost of transferring encrypted data from the public cloud.

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