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This 18-year-old Built a Better Computer Monitor for Your Eyes

The naturally backlit computer monitor reduces eye strain

Louis Huang's life in high school is a glaring blur of screens. There are the TV monitors and projectors used by teachers at his private high school in Connecticut. There are the laptops used from bell to bell by him and his fellow students. Then there are the additional devices students use for note-taking and assignments, like tablets and iPads. And that's not even taking into account the homework that requires yet more screen time.

"I do work for hours on end on my laptop or on my other devices," said Huang, 18. "Your eyes get dry. It’s just not a comfortable experience."

The occupational discomfort plaguing Huang and many others led him to look for alternative devices or screens that caused less strain on his eyes. None worked. So he set out to create his own.

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